We understand the importance of quality service and professionalism

Able & Willing Plumbing is a family owned licensed, bonded, and insured professional plumbing company serving Chicago Heights and the South Chicagoland for nearly 70 years.

We offer Emergency Plumbing Services, Sewer and Drain Cleaning and Video Inspection, Sanitary and Storm Sewer, Water Main, and Utility Excavation, Repair, and Replacement for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal customers.

We strive to be the best in the industry by providing quality and honest service with superior materials and parts, top notch workmanship, and only the most trained professional technicians with positive attitudes and the drive and mindset to leave our customers 110% satisfied with the work we perform for them.
Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.


Expertise, discipline and precision

We strive to be the best in the industry by providing quality and honest service with superior materials and parts,







Returning WWII War Veteran establishes plumbing company in 1950.

Able & Willing Plumbing was established in Chicago Heights in 1950, IL by returning WWII veteran, Eugene “Gene” West.  Gene, who had been in the plumbing trade, had the American dream to start his own company. Having a few years experience with Ryan Plumbing of the famous “Dan Ryan Expressway” project, Gene knew he would have what it takes to start a business. His module for success was combining the right people with the best equipment available.

He started his business from out of his service car with a humble and modest operation. As the business began to grow, he bought his first building for operations as well as a few service vans. By the mid 1960s, it became apparent more space was needed to accommodate the rapidly growing operation, and again moved to a larger building a few blocks away from the company’s first location. Operations continued until 1985 when a fire destroyed the building and forced the next relocation. This time Able & Willing Plumbing moved to the former location of the original Orr Construction Company, an even larger building with a separate shop. Also attached to this building was a plumbing supply warehouse that was open to the public and a large yard to store equipment and materials.

New, business savvy owner modernizes and expands operations

In 1991, after over 40 years as the company’s founder and owner Gene decided to retire and sell the company to his son-in-law Art Martello. Art’s business savvy, impeccable organization, and desire to expand operations and modernize Able & Willing Plumbing paid off and in 2005, staying loyal to the city that welcomed Able & Willing Plumbing with open arms for 50 years, he decided to build a new and again larger facility in Chicago Heights, IL at 755 Dixie Highway where the company remained until Art’s retirement in 2016.

Later that year the company was purchased by two former employees, Robert “Bobby” Borst and Christopher “Chris” Mrdalj who are first cousins even though they are more like brothers. They have a combined 30+ years of plumbing experience as well as business experience taught to them and prepared by Art during their tenure as employees at Able & Willing Plumbing. Current operations have been moved to a facility in nearby Lynwood, IL where business continues to grow and we continue to serve loyal and repeat as well as new customers throughout all of Chicagoland.